Journey to Becoming Fit – Rodney, Day 33

Believe it or not, since Day 1, i had gone from 203 lbs to 218 lbs. It was insane, but the reason for that was that I hadn’t exercised and i started eating at parties again! On top of that, i went off the CINCH program for a good 2 weeks. But then my CINCH order came in and I hit the ground running.

I’m using an exercise program called “Burst Exercising”, combined with CINCH. After a couple of weeks, I’m suddenly down to 198lbs! That’s 20 lbs lost from 218 lbs!

My bone density has increased, my muscle has improved, plus combined with Shaklee’s Vivix, I was able to get improve my energy and repair my muscles.

So, next time I go to a party, I’m definitely going to say a “no thanks, but much appreciated for the blessing” :)

Here’s my latest video:

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