Healthy Life Path TV: Episode 14

In this Episode:
– Chyrell interviews Dr. Ky Lo of Lotus Wellness Clinic
– Rodney discusses a great gift of healthy water for the Christmas holidays\

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Healthy Life Path TV: Episode 13

In this Episode:
– Importance of Vitamin D
– Chyrell and Rodney Christmas Card Concert
– Alarming number of child illness during cold season
– Review on Shaklee’s Vitalizer pack

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Healthy Life Path TV: Episode 11

– LILOBE’s CEO, Cielo Onilla-Cardines demonstrates how to easily and safely clean a tough-stained stove just using Basic H2
– Rodney discusses the water option challenge and a solution called Shaklee’s Get Clean Water pitcher


Healthy Life Path TV: Episode 09

In this episode:
– Organic Food vs Fast Food and the pricing difference
– Chyrell announces the Roger Barnett event in Toronto, for Oct 23, 2011
– Chyrell and Rodney enjoy a day at Andrews Scenic Acres
– 10 rules for strong Marriage and Relationship

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Wangari Matthai, a great leader for the planet

Wangari Matthai

Photo by Cheryl Paris

Wangari Matthai was one of the world’s most amazing gifts and treasures to mother earth. For many years, she had been active in restoring the ozone layer and the planet’s ecosystems. As a leader and a humanitarian, Wangari was an amazing woman. She inspired millions around the planet to use our own personal power and empower everyone to make a difference.

She was also the leader of the Green Belt movement. In 2004, she was made a Global Ambassador for the Shaklee corporation, thus starting the million trees, million dreams campaign. Since then, more than a Million trees were planted in every Shaklee person’s name.

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The Shaklee Difference, narrated by us!

Chyrell and I put together this presentation to share the Shaklee Difference. We enjoy and totally love Shaklee products as well as the opportunity and are always looking for amazing potential leaders to partner with.


A great article on CNN Money about Shaklee Corporation

This is worth a read, if you’re looking to sharing healthy products to people and make a good income from it:


Jennifer Yang – an inspiring Shaklee story

What I love about this Shaklee story is that this woman had gone from a life of despair, to a life of possibility. This is a huge, huge inspiration to many people; women with husbands who are not supportive of their home-based businesses; youth who want more from life; people who want to take all-expenses paid trips around the world with their family and supportive peers.

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Surviving this heatwave

Today is July 21, 2011 and here in Toronto, it is blazing hot. I mean really, blazing hot. I know that for some countries, this is the norm. Whereas we are experiencing 38 degree celsius heat (49 with the humidity), some countries experience even hotter temperatures.

One of the biggest challenges during a heat wave like this is staying hydrated. We all need to drink water, that’s a no-brainer. But there is a drawback with water. What goes in doesn’t always stay in. We have to sweat like crazy to keep our body cool. But then our inner organs start to lose water and as a result, we need to drink more and more water.

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Introducing Shaklee’s Sports Nutrition Line

What a great history of peak physical and health performance! I’ve been using these products and it’s made perform at my best. I just recently helped the University of Philippines Association of Toronto win a Tug-of-War sports competition. We went undefeated!

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