Healthy Life Path is an education and services provider for a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to help people achieve their ideal dream lifestyle that also involves great health, holistically.

We are certified wellness consultants; we both combine our backgrounds in meditation, workplace wellness & health promotion along with music and art, in order to promote healing, recovery, self-improvement and disease prevention. You will receive effective practices while discovering your body’s power to heal and find balance and alignment.

We are people who want to help people achieve their dreams, their lifestyles, their well-being. We work with people who are willing to make a commitment to a better life, regardless of where they are now. A healthy life path means that – a healthy life. That means freedom, happiness, prevention, strength and joy.

We focus on the following wellness components: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social, Financial, Spiritual, Environmental, and Career Health.

Chyrell SamsonChyrell Samson is a Certified Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion Consultant with certifications in Emergency Management and Disaster Planning, Health Canada’s Workplace Health System. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of the Philippines, and a diploma in Workplace Wellness and health promotion from Centennial College.

Her studies have included: Health Promotion Theory and Practice, Health and Wellness Concepts, Program Planning I and II, Coaching and Communication Skills, Environmental Health, Research Methods, Mental Health Management, Field Placement, Placement Theory and Practice, and Business Entrepreneurship.

In addition to her profession, she loves music, arts, dance, photography and is known in Toronto Filipino community as a singer.

Rodney Ronquillo
is a Creative Person, an Artist, Musician and an Entrepreneur.

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